The lab will be worth 30% of your final grade, divided across lab reports (21%), and quizzes (9%).

Lab Reports (21%)

Lab reports are brief, APA-style manuscripts, reporting and discussing the results of a study. You will receive 21% of your grade for completing 3 lab reports, each of which is worth 7% of your final grade. For each lab report, you will be provided with preregistration information for a hypothetical study as well as simulated data from that study. You will be responsible for writing the results and discussion, creating an appropriate data visualization, and preparing a reproducible R script, which will be submitted with the report. Specific instructions for each lab are provided in the lab manual.

You may choose to complete lab reports on any of the statistical tests covered in the lab manual. Lab reports for a given lab are due the Monday following the lab at 11:59 PM. Late lab reports will not be accepted. Lab reports will be marked and returned with detailed feedback by the beginning of the next week’s lab.

Optionally, you may submit a 4th lab report. If you do, your final lab report grade will be based on the best 3 of the 4 labs you submit.

Quizzes (9%)

There are two quizzes. The first is worth 3% of your final grade. It will cover R fundamentals that you will need to master to be successful in this course (and in 373). The second and final quiz is worth 6% of your final grade. It will take the form of a lab report that is completed during regular lab time.