1.2 Prepare for the Lab

Before coming to the lab, install R and RStudio on your computer. There are computers in the lab with R and RStudio installed, so if you are planning to use the lab computers for the semester, then you do not need to install

1.2.1 Install R

You can find links for downloading R and other information about R on the R website https://www.r-project.org. You can download R from one of several CRAN mirrors. The simplest option is the cloud (https://cloud.r-project.org/), which will automatically redirect you to a local server.

1.2.2 Install RStudio

Download and install the desktop version of RStudio from https://rstudio.com/products/rstudio/.

1.2.3 I’m Using a Tablet or Chromebook

You cannot install R or RStudio to these devices. You can run R using a Jupyter Notebook. The simplest way to make this happen is going to https://ubc.syzygy.ca/ in your web browser and logging in with your CWL. Make sure you are able to sign in to this before the lab.

1.2.4 Can I Use a Lab Computer?

Yes. There are computers in the room where we will be holding the lab that have R installed already. If you are planning to use the lab computers for the entire semester, you are welcome to do so. Just know that will likely become fairly annoying when you have to work on lab work outside of regular lab hours (or if you are unable to attend the lab for some reason). Even if you plan on primarily using the lab computers, we recommend having a personal machine that you can use for doing your lab work.

If you do plan to use the lab computers, visit the lab room before the lab and ensure that you are able to sign in to the computers. We will not be able to take time out of the lab to provide support with logging into the campus machines.