Tentative Schedule

As indicated by the title of this section. This schedule is tentative and therefore subject may change. These are the topics we plan to cover, in the order we expect to cover them.

Labs 1–2 will cover the fundamentals of R and RStudio. Lab 3 will introduce you to data visualization using ggplot2. The next lab will be a quiz that will require practical application of the skills you learn in labs 1–3.

Beginning in week 6, each lab will cover one statistical test. For each of these statistical tests, you will be presented with preregistered information from a hypothetical study. Most of these studies are based on real research programs (many of which are being actively investigated by researchers at UBCO!). If the content of one of the labs interests you, consider reaching out to the professor whose research inspired it. There may be opportunities to work with that professor on a directed studies or honours project.

Week Date Topic
1 Sep. 09 Introduction to R
2 Sep. 16 Introduction to R, part 2
3 Sep. 23 Data visualisation with ggplot2
4 Sep. 30 National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. No Lab.
5 Oct. 07 Quiz 1
5 Oct. 14 One sample t test
6 Oct. 21 Paired samples t test
7 Oct. 28 Independent samples t test
8 Nov. 04 Correlation
10 Nov. 11 Midterm Break
11 Nov. 18 ANOVA
12 Nov. 25 Factorial ANOVA
13 Dec. 02 Final Quiz